We may feel much love for those around us, or feel we need them too much. However, everyone has a life to live. When we face death it may be difficult to think about moving forward with everyday routine without the company of that person.

However, beyond the pain and grief that causes death, it is necessary to take control of our life again and realize there are many challenges just in front of us as well as many moments to live and share with those who are still by our side.
Once the mourning is over and the recovery process begins, the mourners progressively resume their daily activities and relationships.

It is normal to think that we have not chosen to live that sad or unfortunate moment; but what we can really decide is the way we move forward.

This decision is fundamental and makes the difference between being stuck on death sadness or finding strength on hope and the certainty that the person who died does not suffer anymore so we can go ahead.

Life is not good or bad, it is not fair or unfair. Life is simply a chain of events that we can plan, like a wedding, a trip or a university career, and other events we cannot control.

In this last group we may include illness or death. Two events we may not know well but that occur and it’s nobody’s fault, it’s just the reality.

Many people who face death think they have been abandoned, but this is just the normal expression of fear. Feeling like this is natural and people should not feel ashamed.

Mourners may choose to live with that fear or resume their dreams, showing appreciation to those who are still by their side, creating new dreams and drawing new goals.