At Previsión Montevecchio we are convinced that each loved one must be dismissed with the highest dignity and quality at the time of departure.

– The repatrition

This is the highest benefit we offer to our customers. The repatriation of the corpses or the ashes to the original country and city. From and to any place in Latin America, excluding Cuba and Haiti.

– High standards funeral

– A complete funeral service

– Multicultural protection

This is a service for people from different nationalities and cultures like Northamericans, Europeans, Asians, Eastern countries citizens, among others. We supply the viewing service and cremation in the USA. In case the death occurs in Latin America, we offer a complete funeral service in the country itself.

– Remote protection

If you live in the USA you can protect your relatives and friends living at any other country of Latin America. You have the right to a complete funeral service wherever the event occurs or the repatriation of the corpse to any country in Latin America.

– Fair covering

No consanguinity link between the owner of the service and his protected relatives is needed. That is why the customer can also include two friends.

– Age is not an obstacle

There in no limit of age for the parents of the affiliate.


This is Colombian – Peruvian – American company, created to bring tranquility to all the Latin American families in the case of death of any relative in their origin country or abroad. We offer integrated solutions in funeral services and the repatriation for Latin American citizens residing in the United States of America and Latin America.


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“A very dear being for me passed away recently and I found a valuable support in Montevecchio because they assisted me from the moment of the decease, accompanying me until their final farewell. They took over all the paperwork and offered him a decent service. “ María Esteban Miami FL

“Fortunately, I have not had the need to use the services yet, but they have affordable rates and they advise you so that you can be covered in a preventive manner when it is necessary to dismiss a family member or friend.” Joha River Nashville, TN

“I highly recommend the services and plans of Montevecchio, my mother’s greatest wish was to be able to return to her country to rest in it with her other loved ones and so that most of her children and grandchildren had access to visit her. Thanks to them I was able to achieve their repatriation. ” Cesar Martin Brooklyn NY

“I believe that in Montevecchio Forecast they have a complete program regarding all the services that may be required in this type of situation where you find yourself dejected, they adjust to your needs”. Ferdinando Martinez Hollywood, FL