For many years, innumerable Latin American families in the United States faced the urgent need of asking for alms or donations for the repatriation of their dead relatives. These solemn moments transformed in sorrow and frustration.

PREVISIÓN MONTEVECHIO became the real alternative for all the Latin American families in the USA, offering the most appropriate conditions to guarantee the return to their origin country in warm, peaceful, and efficient conditions, since that is what their relatives deserve.

The well-known reputation of Previsión Montevecchio, together with human quality of our staff, places us at the top of the ranking of funeral services suppliers in all its departments: Cremations, Burials and repatriation or expatriation of corpses.

Additionally, and as part of the development of PREVISIÓN MONTEVECCHIO, we have created innovative business to offer new and additional services necessaries for funeral ceremonies of high level like crematory oven, the planning of tributes and many other alternatives aimed mainly to Latin American funeral markets as well as English market and for the rest of the world.

This is our history. ¡A history that guarantees an honorable and fair service delivered form our soul!


We bring confidence by offering the best service.

We are a Latin American commercial group specialized in offering funeral products and burial assistance with indirect participation in a worldwide network of suppliers.

Our experience of more than 15 years is the greatest testimony of those we have accompanied in such sensible moments. Our highly qualified customer service team brings assistance and timely and dedicated advice to reach more than 2.000 services that include inhumations, transportation, funeral services, repatriations, and expatriations all over the world.

We offer a priceless support especially to Latin American citizens but also to any person in such situation, when they may be emotionally disturbed and financially lost.

Our mission consists on giving an appropriate, timely and high-quality answer to our customers when a beloved relative is lost. We help them to face the situation in a better way in all aspects.


This is Colombian – Peruvian – American company, created to bring tranquility to all the Latin American families in the case of death of any relative in their origin country or abroad. We offer integrated solutions in funeral services and the repatriation for Latin American citizens residing in the United States of America and Latin America.


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Hollywood FL 33024

Phone: 1 800 930 0285

Commercial address:
Calle 38 a Sur #46-93 Interior
401 Barrio Alcalá, Envigado


“A very dear being for me passed away recently and I found a valuable support in Montevecchio because they assisted me from the moment of the decease, accompanying me until their final farewell. They took over all the paperwork and offered him a decent service. ” María Esteban Miami FL

“Fortunately, I have not had the need to use the services yet, but they have affordable rates and they advise you so that you can be covered in a preventive manner when it is necessary to dismiss a family member or friend.” Joha River Nashville, TN

I highly recommend the services and plans of Montevecchio, my mother’s greatest wish was to be able to return to her country to rest in it with her other loved ones and so that most of her children and grandchildren had access to visit her. Thanks to them I was able to achieve their repatriation. ” Cesar Martin Brooklyn NY

“I believe that in Montevecchio Forecast they have a complete program regarding all the services that may be required in this type of situation where you find yourself dejected, they adjust to your needs”. Ferdinando Martinez Hollywood, FL