Almost everybody feels fear of death; no one wants to die or face the death of a loved one, the pet. Nevertheless, death is inevitable. The physical body reaches a point where the cells start to die and the functioning of every organ gets slower and finally stop. It is a simple way to explain it.
The fear of death may go from a healthy fear that obliges you to take care of yourself and avoid the exposure to violent events to a higher level that become a phobia. Some people start to have panic attacks that provoke an acceleration of heartbeats, excessive sweat, the feeling they are going to vanish. This event may occur because during every day activities: taking the subway, traveling by plane, going to a routine medical check, driving the car. The fear of death may have been taught at home, be the consequence of a non resolved mourning, because of considering it a taboo in the family or because of personal trauma. It becomes a problem when the person avoids going out from home or sharing social contact because he thinks something can happen to him so he stays at home and loses contact with reality.
The most common symptoms of Thanatophobia are anxiety when talking about death, fear to be dead or to die; anguish and the need to control any pain because it could get worst and cause death; focusing on death in an exaggerated way; acceleration of heartbeats, and other physical symptoms of a panic attack.
A person who suffers fear of death needs professional assistance. The specialists that can bring assistance to risky patients are Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Timely medical assistance is very important to help the patient to go back to reality through a step by step exposure to the subject of death. The specialists may recommend different relaxation techniques to help with depression and anguish caused by this phobia in those who are affected.