Love unites, heals, comforts and brings joy. Parents give love to their children; grandparents consent their grandchildren and couples show love themselves permanently.

Love is the engine of life and it is during unfortunate or sad moments like death that the demonstration of love becomes more necessary.

The presence of family and friends in such circumstances is fundamental to maintain balance, faith and find resignation. The words of those who accompany the mourners comfort them, as it does a hug or just staying by their side in silence and sharing their pain.

There are multiple ways to show others how much we love them in a moment of as much pain as death. Beyond the recommendations of a therapist most people express empathy in similar cases or situations.

The physical presence, it means being there when others need you, is a meaningful way of showing love. It can be demonstrated by staying in silence or by listening everything the bereaved has to say about the death of a loved one.

Likewise, love is present when we are able to establish a deep connection with that friend who is experiencing a painful or sad moment.

Preparing a meal and offering it to the mourner is another way of telling him: “I love you”, “I take care of you”. And, of course, it helps the mourner to eat well and stay healthy to fulfill all the commitments the death of a relative implies.

Finally, encouraging the bereaved to go out and share, in a friendly way, without any hurry, may be another way to show how much you love him. A new environment could be positive for his mood and, no doubt, would be an occasion to share and give value to the present moment.