When a death occurs each family, member expresses pain and grieves in a particular way. They may not communicate with each other as they used to due to the event. However, communication is fundamental to recover harmony in the environment and overcome death.

A recommendation from therapists is just talk with family and friends about what happened. This helps to release tensions, is a way to remember the happiest and most important moments lived with the deceased and a chance to get closer to people around.

It is important not to lock yourself in pain and the memory of the last moments of the person who died. For some people it is harder to accept that a relative has passed away. In this circumstance, the intervention of those who are stronger and proactive is crucial, as they may be able to help that person to leave their confinement, talk, cry, vent and share.

Being present is, on many occasions, more significant and comforting than any other gesture. Participating in the funeral ceremonies of each family group is a way to honor the memory of the deceased and provide support to those who need it.

Another tip to recover the normal rhythm of life after a death is to share brief social encounters with friends and family. It can be a walk in a place surrounded by nature to get rid of stress, catch up and know how things are going on around.

A meeting at home can have the same effect. And, in addition, it allows mourners to remember the relative who has died with love and affection. It is a way to stay together thanks to those experiences that, undoubtedly, were and will continue to be important.

Resuming the rhythm of life after a death will take a few weeks or several months. But what matters is to know that it is normal and that each person around is going through the same situation. Therefore, it is very useful to talk, listen to others, share and reflect.