Knowing life has a term helps us think clearly about what we want to achieve.

Instead of being obsessed with the idea of ​​death we should give the right value to each day of our life, to each person who accompanies us, to the triumphs achieved and to the experiences in which we have been involved.

It is essential to appreciate every detail, every element that surrounds us, the friendship of other people as well as their concern for us and, in addition, to give back that feeling.

Knowing that one day our life will come to an end is the trigger to live with joy, to be grateful for each blessing and each gift we were born with.

Laughing, sharing with family and friends, expressing what we feel, helping and giving without waiting anything back, allows us to have a good and happy life.

In order to achieve a good life, it is important to show responsibility. We must be aware of the fact that every action has a consequence for ourselves and for others. If we are responsible, we can enjoy each moment fully.

During childhood we may not pay much attention to these aspects, but in adulthood we do understand that it is vital to take care of ourselves, to be attentive to our health as well as to take care of the rest of the family. It means being with them, enjoying their company and providing ours when they need it.

Thus, as we get older and feel close to the end of our life, we can feel satisfied with the life we ​​have achieved, receiving the best from others and giving the best of ourselves. At this stage we may fell satisfied of every effort and every sacrifice, because it was worth it. Indeed, living was worth it.