Death may occur suddenly or as a result of a serious illness. It is a sad event that causes anguish and anxiety. During the viewing pain seizes the family and friends. But there are different ways to face the death of a friend or family member from kindness, recognition, friendship and love.

There are people who approach the coffin where the deceased lies to thank him for all the moments they lived together, the lessons received from him, his support in difficult times. They give thanks and say goodbye in a lovely way; a gesture that helps to dissipate sadness and continue with their lives. Another way to be thankful, according to the religion of each family, is to offer a few words during the funeral, in a short speech through which the virtues of the person who has died are recognized, also his way of integrating into the society, his human qualities and values. Family members usually select the most serene relative to do this speech so they can reach a desired effect: peace and hope. Floral offerings are another way to say goodbye with love to those who have died. These offerings, designed in different forms, carry inscriptions or cards with messages of consolation for the family members who are going through such a dramatic and significant moment in their lives and require support from friends and relatives. They can also offer messages of gratitude to the person who no longer accompanies them on the physical form, praying for them to have an eternal rest in peace. Messages are also usually reminiscent; in many you can read: “I will always remember you with joy and admiration” or “Your memory will always accompany me, thank you for being by my side”. These are phrases with a huge charge of love, gratitude and respect for the person who has died. In the cultures of Central and South America rosaries are offered during nine days after the burial, at home or in a church, for the eternal rest of the deceased. This is another lovely way to say a last goodbye to our loved ones who are not more in the physical form with us.