Instead of waiting a call for help from the person who just lost a loved one we should take the first step. Obviously, we must respect the mourning period but without staying away from the mourners because they could start feeling abandoned, nostalgic or to experience loneliness. A quiet gathering some days after the burial to take a cup of coffee could be the beginning of an encounter with the family and closest friends. At this moment it is very important to know how to listen carefully to the person who faces the mourning because of death, instead of talking too much and also share his pain. It is also important to be patient. The mourner can become very sensible and cry when remembering the loved one who has died or the cause of death. In such case you can hold his hand or embrace him. Most of the time, staying by his side is enough to let him understand you know what he is going through. It is pointless to star looking for an explanation of the event; the ideal is to let the relative of the deceased to express freely. It is vital to remember that in order to help and give support to the person who faces the death of a loved one you must be quiet. Emotions will obviously emerge at any time because we are all human beings, but it is fundamental to bring strength to the mourner and let him know that what he feels is normal and that everything will be right.

As days go by the rest of the family can go back to their normal life and the mourner may require any activity to free his mind. At this stage friends become of real importance to share a moment together which does not include music or dance. It could be just a meeting to talk, going to the movies or a moment to relax in good company. The people who have lost a loved one may refuse to go out at first because they may think they do not deserve a moment of relax after a recent death. So, do not give up if the mourners say no to your first invitation; be patient and do not feel shocked if they show anger; it is normal and they will be okay with time. Just be kind. If the mourner refuses your invitation, just plan it for the following week and wait until he is ready to accompany you.