The experiences that we live today will become memories tomorrow. Keeping it clear can help to dispel the pain for the death of a loved one. The pain is not permanent, it dissipates. This does not mean that we forget our dead since they always live in our memory. What it means is that life changes, evolves and brings new experiences that will be transformed into more memories.
In this sense, it is essential to strive for a full life, full of joy and characterized by respect. This helps people to build a life footprint that stays in time and that allows them to look back and feel satisfied in the closeness of death.
Death does not have to be a paralyzing event, which prevents us from looking for new experiences. Actually, pain can be the trigger to go out in search of company or support with friends or a group of therapy. Pain can become the engine of change.
It is very common to hear that people fall apart because of the death of a loved one. But, we should remember that it is a phase of the duel and that it will dissipate after a while.
It is possible to find strength and support in pain. Although the death of a person can not be remedied, it is important not to let yourself be carried away by longing, which leads to getting stuck in the good moments lived in the past, with the belief that you won’t have similar or better moments again.
Undoubtedly, every day is a challenge to make new decisions, learn something new, to share moments with those who want it, to give love, get out of longing and to stop thinking about the past time as “wasted time”. We do not lose anything; it just transforms, takes a new course or goes into other hands.
Life means changes and the best way to cope with them is to fully appreciate every circumstance we face everyday.