Death is a permanent worry for human beings; but not really for the fact of dying but for the way death can occur. It is true that nobody wants to die of an incurable disease that deteriorates the body or causes pain; people don’t want to die in an accident. But what really scares about death is how it will happen. People get scared because they don’t know when it will happen. Specialists in Medicine, Psychology and some alternative therapies offer comfort through simple recommendations that can be put into practice immediately.

A first recommendation has to do with living every moment, every day fully, since we don’t know when we are going to die.

Second, do not obsess about the subject. At some point, someday, every living creature will die because it is a natural cycle. The idea is to be clear on that but not to transform it in a fear or panic factor.

The third recommendation is to talk about the subject. Talk about death with the family in a normal way and without drama is a good help to control fear. If necessary, go to a specialist to find help in dealing with the issue so it does not become a taboo.

Fourth, take refuge in your religious principles and beliefs. Faith is important in all cultures; it offers peace, consolation and hope. People who profess a belief are better able to cope with the sadness and pain of the death of a loved one and, moreover, to think of their own death as a stage in life.

There is a lot of literature about how to find comfort when dealing with the subject of death. However, it is through life itself we can learn how to face death with integrity, confidence, peace and hope.

Once we understand that death is not the end of everything, the burden we carry on our shoulders is relieved, our fears and obsession dissipate. It is not healthy to stay thinking that we are going to die at any moment. On the contrary, the ideal is to live with joy, sharing love, laughing and celebrating life.