Knowing that everything ends at any moment should allow us to live life fully, with our feet on the ground, without getting overwhelmed by small daily frustrations. It is important to accept that we are born to live and we live to die, but not because we have done something wrong or because it is a punishment from a higher self who “takes away” our lives. It is simply a natural cycle.

Death is the end of the physical body but whoever dies does not disappear completely because he is still in the mind of the family and friends through memories and photos.

Embracing the fact that at some point we will die helps us to dispel the anguish normally transmitted by the family of facing that moment alone or with pain. It does not happen necessarily that way. When you live life fully, sharing and giving love and appreciating the beauty of each person, each element or experience; respecting others and yourself, you can accept death as something natural. Why? Because you get satisfaction, feel confidence and tranquility. Besides that, the one who lives fully, with responsibility, showing respect to others and giving love, cannot feel fear of being forgotten. On the contrary, the person may trust others will remember him with affection, love and joy.

Paradigms must be changed to dissipate the fear that causes death thoughts. Being aware of the fact that every beginning has an end and then applying it to life is of significant help. It is a simple way to give sense to the cycle of life: birth, growing up, maturity, aging and dying.

When death is so close, after living a fruitful life, there is no time for complaints or “to do” lists. There is no place for fear, sadness, regrets or anger. There is only joy for the family, the couple and the children.

Leaving this world in peace should be the result of a satisfying and happy life and these feelings cannot cause fear but confidence.