Each day brings its own challenges, its sorrows, its burden of work and commitments with the family and ourselves. We can face a difficult moment one day but it’s not a reason to say that our life is miserable or that it makes no sense.

Facing difficult times requires a lot of courage and strength; but in the end it is possible to give life its value. In this sense, it is necessary to be realistic, to accept what happens the way it is, even in the case of the death of a loved one.

In such event, the pain is unavoidable. However, it is not permanent; it lasts for a short time and then dissipates. When going through a so difficult moment it may be hard to be aware of the strengths each one has to get ahead renewed.

Of course, it is very helpful to have count on someone who supports us and who encourage us. Friends and family represent this refuge and consolation. They give us a hand to continue with our life.

Beyond the hard moments and sadness, life is full of happiness. Beyond the challenges and difficulties that bring strength, every day presents us new events to participate, new people to share with and new responsibilities to grow.

No doubt, the power to appreciate it is inside each person. Each individual is able to change, to accept what happens, to learn from it and move forward with hope.

If we analyze sad or negative moments that happen to us on a daily basis in a different way, our responses to those facts also change. Our response transforms and we can get free from the victim status, pain or grief. Through a switch in our perception each event changes, evolves and helps us to find strength. A change of attitude can make the difference between anchoring to pain or being able to live fully and happily.