As people get older, they lose autonomy in their functions. During the old age there begins a stage of dependence of third parties. Normally, their sons and daughters are those who take care of them and assume many responsibilities that could generate discomfort, fear and sadness.

For them it is difficult to accept that their elderly relative cannot eat or bathe himself. In this stage he needs support to move inside and outside the house. He is frightened of not having the physical capacity of previous years and he scares to stumble, to fall and to get wounded.

Getting old is natural; for the elderly it is vital to accept it to cope with it with serenity and for the children it is important to have patience, comprehension, respect, love and confidence. Getting an agreement is crucial to bring a good quality care. The relatives should bear in mind that it is the beginning of an unstoppable decline in the faculties and capabilities of the elderly that will culminate with his death. In this sense, family reunions can be organized to settle the differences between members for the welfare of the person who ages, because what she needs is a loving and friendly relationship between those who take care of her.

It is important no to overprotect the old person by thinking she is unable to fend for herself, since this will void her autonomy and would violate her right to decide where and with whom she wants to stay. Another important aspect has to do with death. It is essential to avoid that old people get obsessed with the subject, since it might cause depression and complications. To motivate the elderly to continue living and not be folded relatives should bring words of encouragement, remember the happy moments they lived together and highlight their contribution to the life of the rest of the family.

Respect, love and understanding of relatives are of great importance during old age. Although they may feel pain and be aware of the elderly will leave the physical world at some point, the healthiest thing is to live this stage together with old person showing responsibility, flexibility, acceptance and transparency.